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Chris Vitale - (Guitar - Drums - Bass - Keyboards) - Chris has taught at Main Street Music Store for 7 years. He was a member of many local bands including Fallout Shelter, Masterplan, and Absolute Elsewhere.  He has been writing and recording his own songs for 10 years and has recorded 3 CDs of original music.  He also plays mandolin and ukulele. Chris has performed for school functions and accompanied many school performances. He also has played solo acoustic shows at coffee houses and assorted functions.  He is the son of Jack "The Bear" Vitale who has been performing in groups in NEPA for over 40 Years!  Chris helped organized some of his students to play at summer Nay Aug Park Youth performance concerts. Chris is a graduate of Marywood University and has a Bachelors Degree in Art Administration with a minor in Music. Chris' main musical influences are: The Beatles, Genesis,  Phil Collins, and The Who.  Chris has a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter! 


   Jack Mead  - (Saxophones) - Jack is the owner and proprietor of Main Street Music Store.  He has played with The Marywood Jazz Band under Professor Bill Weber for 20 years.  He has also played with the international renowned blues guitarist Clarence Spady.  Jack has also played with The George Wesley Band and many well known local musicians in the area.  He has also led the West 3rd Street band for over 30 years. He is the Vice President of the American Federation of Musicians Local 120 Union. Jack is also a  certified electrician and a licensed home improvement contractor. His father, Kenneth Mead, was a well known saxophonist in the area. His grandmother was also a well known piano and dance teacher. Check out these links to some clips of Jack playing:


Christian Xavier Gratz - (Guitar - Keyboards) - Chris has performed with national artists such as The Grass Roots, 3 Dog Night, The Platters, The Drifters, The Crests and many local acts.  He has a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from Marywood University.  Chris has been a professional instructor for 22 years and his students have gone on to earn degrees in Jazz guitar, education, etc.





  Deborah Hughes - (Piano) - Debby is the owner and proprietor of L.F. Hughes Music Co. She has been playing piano since the age of six and has taught piano for 20 years. She has accompanied church and school choirs and has performed for church services and student recitals. 







   Tony Reakes - (Vocals) - Tony is a lead guitarist and lead vocalist.  He had the great opportunity to become    

Chubby Checker's personal guitar player in 1973-1974 where he performed in Las Vegas with Elvis Presley, Liberace, Kenny Rogers, Glenn Campbell, etc.  Other gigs included all of the Rock Revival concerts in large arenas that were promoted by Dick Clark and various television appearances with many other major artists. 

    In the late 1970s, Tony moved to California for a few years,  writing and recording his original music and that is where he became a close friend of Steve Perry who became the lead vocalist for Journey.  Tony then returned to the East coast to perform on recording sessions in New York City.  Deja Vu is his duo and single act that began in 1984 with continuous engagements in Atlantic City and at all of the finest resorts where he is currently performing. He decided to give vocal lessons to all age groups using the same coaching technique as seen on television shows such as American Idol and The Voice.  This technique provides the student with the knowledge on how to use the microphone properly and to train the ear to stay on pitch, harmonize, and use the correct inflections that were created by the original recording artists. 

    It all began in 1968 when Tony joined his first professional working band, Kanned Music, who eventually became the progressive classic rock band, Muttlee.   This band took great pride in performing their cover versions of artists like Led Zeppelin, Yes, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, David Bowie Alice Cooper, and The Allman Brothers, etc.  Muttlee had the great opportunity to open up for Alice Cooper on his first tour in Harrisburg, PA. 

    Being a Native of Scranton, PA allowed Tony to converse with all of the professional musicians of that time and the knowledge he received from them and their performances will always be a part of him.  Musicians were like one big family, all hanging out at local music stores, jamming with the best and learning from their elders.

    In 1973. Tony performed with the very talented group, Revolver, who focused on playing songs from groups like The Beatles, Steely Dan, and David Bowie (whom Tony brought into their repertoire).

    Shortly after that, Tony auditioned as lead guitarist for Chubby Checker.  He has been a member of The Local 120 American Federation of Musicians since 1967.


    Tom Hamilton - (Saxophones - Clarinet - Flute) - Tom has played with acclaimed, world renowned acts such as The Temptations, Phil Woods, Dave Liebman, and Clarence Spady.  He teaches saxophones,  clarinet and improvisational Jazz at Marywood University.  He is also the music instructor in the Pocono Mountain School District.  Tom is a graduate of William Patterson University with a Bachelors degree in music studies and has completed graduate studies at Marywood University for music education. Tom has also been doing instrument repairs for 30 years.



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