Privacy Policy

1. Data policy.
    Although we use Google Analytics we will never try to identify specific customers. There is no form submission information for customers, If a customer were to access a company form we would retain the info they enter.
2. Acceptable use policy.
  • Noone except the webmaster should attempt to connect to any services besides the ones included on the Home, About, Lessons, Sweepstakes, and Events page(s). Any access to this site that is not normal web browsing is strictly prohibited.
  • A person commits a “computer crime” when he or she:
    • 1. accesses a computer system without authorization;
    • 2. accesses or uses a computer system to obtain unauthorized computer services (including computer access, data processing, and data storage);
    • 3. intentionally or recklessly disrupts, degrades, or causes disruption or degradation of computer services or denies or causes denial of computer services to an authorized user; or
    • 4. intentionally or recklessly tampers with, takes, transfers, conceals, alters, or damages any equipment used in a computer system.
  • It is also a computer crime to misuse computer system data. A person commits this crime by:
    • 1. accessing a computer system to use, disclose, or copy data residing in, communicated by, or produced by a computer system;
    • 2. intentionally or recklessly and without authorization (a) tampering with, damaging, or taking data intended for use by a computer system or (b) intercepting or adding to data residing within a computer system;
    • 3. knowingly receiving or retaining data obtained through misuse of computer system information; or
    • 4. using or disclosing data he or she knows or believes was obtained through misuse of computer system information (CGS § 53a-251).